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At the risk of sounding cliche, trying the Sankey saddle was a game changer for me.  I had been riding my stallion, Blackie, in my previous saddle for many years, we were doing ok, ticking along and coming up through the Dressage levels.  It wasn't until we progressed into the FEI work that I was more aware that I was constantly struggling to sit in the right position and that my horse was not truly coming up through his body to the contact.  His muscling was further evidence of that.


I met Kathryn at the Brisbane CDI, we made a plan to have a saddle fit session.  Kathryn watched me train in my original saddle and simply said, "its good but I think we can do better!"


As I am not a tall rider, in fact quite compromised in the heigh department!  The first saddle Kathryn selected for me to try was the Sankey petite, it's specifically designed for smaller riders and suited the shape and body type of my warmblood stallion.  The feeling I had THE INSTANT i got on and took the first step was one of security and straightness.  I honestly felt like I was riding on a cloud!  I tried a few others but the choice was an easy one for me and for my horse - the Sankey was the one!


The rest I guess is history, we are now riding GrandPrix and I could not be happier, my position in the saddle has never been better and the horses' muscling, movement and attitude is further confirmation that we are on the right track.  It all started with the Sankey saddle!

Nichole A.

FEI Dressage Rider

 I absolutely love the Sankey Petite! I needed a stable saddle to suit a round pony who has a lot of swing and movement, this saddle was a standout. The fit, quality and comfort for both horse and rider was paramount for me so I could ensure that my pony could perform to the best of his ability. Coming from a showing background I wanted a saddle that not only completed the look but allowed me to feel stable and secure, the Sankey Petite was all this, and more.

Tamicca C.

Professional Dressage and Show Rider


I've found the Sankey to be an immaculately crafted saddle with a close contact feel yet extremely comfortable with deep contours for a light, stable position for the rider.  It moves beautifully upon my dressage pony with rhythmic unison for all dressage movements. A highly recommended saddle and great value for its price. 

Anne-Marie L.

AOR Dressage and Show Rider

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